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Panasonic toner cartridges and other printer supplies are available at MAI Computer in high quantity. Panasonic copier and Panasonic fax latest models are also available.
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Panasonic Toner Cartridges



Panasonic toners cartridges are used in laser printer it yields high-quality print with excellent print accuracy, grey-scale rendering, exclusive productivity and reliability, and vivid full-color photos and images. It ensures a printing speed of up to 21 paper per minute, while a simple single-pass structure ensures durability and high yield cartridge reduces time.

Panasonic Copier



Panasonic photocopiers are an absolute gem for the customer’s as it has a broad range of features to offer like: laser indirect electrostatic print process, USB ports, plenty of media size option, automated document feeder 70 ppm and more, even with outstanding features and durability the price is considered quite cheap. A variety of multi-functional photocopiers is available in this brand each with delicate purpose filling objective.

Panasonic Copier

Panasonic Fax



Panasonic fax has different purposes, and as required it is distinct from one another. The features posed by the Panasonic faxes are 33.6 kbps Super fax, 100 page ADF and quick scan as well, accessible with the internet, Twain image scanner, polling function, timed flash memory, caller ID*1 ready, directory dialing, 250 sheet paper tray, Navigator key for easy operation, automatic paper cutter and more.