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Logitech hardware is available like mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers, etc. Logitech G hardware is also available, like the gamepad, joystick and more.
Logitech Hardware,Logitech G,Mice,Keyboards
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Logitech Hardware



Logitech develops computer accessories and has developed unique designs and features over the years for Mice and Keyboards.


The simple M220 silent Logitech Mouse which is smooth and soft; reduces up to 90% of the sound that is annoying and disturbing. The mega advance MX Master 2S with its dual action of operating two computer at once to the comfort and control. It is a compelling product for professional users who opt for the most advanced technology and precision.


As for the keyboards, the basic Logitech keyboard is the new Wireless Keyboard K270 which is user-friendly, connects with ease and one touch. The wireless illuminated keyboard K800 which provides lighting keypads for ease in using the keyboard in the dark, an adorable presentation,  smooth feel and more powerful.

Logitech Gaming Hardware



Logitech G specializes in gaming products and develops products for the best gaming experience. It has advanced features that support the detailed and complex games and simulations with memory, graphics and its hardware like speakers, joysticks, keyboard, mice, and gamepads. Logitech G even offers special consoles for specific simulations like flight, farm, and driving.

Logitech G mouse, keyboard, headset, gamingpad