MAI Computer | Awards and Recognition | MAI Computer
MAI Computer's ambition and motivation has gained the trust of many clients and was given numerous awards by brands and distributors.
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HP Gold Partner

HP has awarded MAI Computer’s work multiple times. The first award which was given to MAI Computer was Preferred Partner, then Recommended Partner, and now we are privileged to get the title Gold Partner.

HP Logo
Canon Logo

Canon Accessories Supplies

With a growing demand for Canon in the Kingdom, MAI Computer increased Canon’s product line in their inventory. Soon MAI Computer became an authorized seller of Canon.

Xerox Ink and Toner Supplies

MAI Computer is one of the leading suppliers for Xerox toners, and it was rewarded with an award of appreciation by Xerox.

Xerox Logo

Redington Appreciation Certificate

Redington is an authorized distributor for top brands, and MAI Computer has been in business with them for more than a decade, and the most recent award was an appreciation certificate for our contribution in the market.

Deskpec Highest Business in Kingdom

Deskpec is one of the leading office and print distributors. Deskpec awarded MAI Computer in 2015 for bringing the highest business in the Kingdom.